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How do I track my order?

Upon shipment of your package, you will receive a shipment notification email, in which you will find your shipments tracking number.


How will I know if my order has been placed?

Your order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided at check out. You can view your order status by logging into My Account.


How can I pay for my purchase?

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal,

If purchasing via PayPal, the total amount of your order is allocated at the time your card is approved, although payment does not occur until the order ships.

For debit cards, payment is deducted from your account at the time your card is approved.

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How do I know when my order is arriving?

Your order confirmation will be sent to the email address provided at check out. You may also view your order status by logging into My Account


Care & Cleaning

Product Care

Parthenon jewelry has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Periodic examination of clasps and settings to ensure a secure fit is recommended. Take care to avoid exposing jewelry to substances containing bleach or ammonia and remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean. Always put your jewelry on after you dress to avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics or other household chemicals. Do not wear jewelry in the ocean, hot tub, sauna, pool, bath or shower as water, heat or chlorine will damage your piece.

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

In a small bowl, stir a couple drops of mild dish soap into warm water to create suds. …
Use a soft toothbrush to gentle scrub away tarnish from any crevices in the jewelry.
Rinse each piece in a bowl of clean, warm water. …
Dry each piece of jewelry with a soft cloth.

Gold and Platinum

How to Clean

Clean your gold or platinum jewelry with mild soap and water and a soft brush. Keep your gold from contact with chlorine. Repeated exposure to chlorine will damage the integrity of your gold jewelry, causing breakage. Dry and polish jewelry with a chamois or soft cloth after cleaning.

Care Instructions

Gold can be scratched easily, so store it in a lined case or jewelry box with dividers. Even though platinum is one of the hardest metals and very durable, it does scratch. Your Lee Michaels jeweler can re-polish your platinum jewelry to eliminate most scratches. Lee Michaels can professionally steam-clean and check your gold or platinum jewelry at least once a year for damage and wear.


How to Clean

Clean your pearl jewelry by wiping it with a soft cloth when you take it off. Traces of perfume, hair spray, or any acid-based cosmetics should be removed as these can cause damage to the pearl’s nacre. If your pearl jewelry pieces show more soil than a soft cloth can remove, wash them carefully in mild soap and tepid water, rinse, gently blot with a soft cloth, and allow to air dry. For pearl strands and bracelets, gently wash them in mild soap and tepid water, rinse, gently blot with a soft cloth, and allow to air dry being careful not to pull on the silk cord on which they are strung.

Cleaning Colored Titanium

To clean colored titanium rings or other jewelry, follow these steps:

1.First, soak the jewelry in a solution of warm water and mild soap for several minutes to remove dirt. However, do not scrub the pieces or you may damage their colored layer. Rinse the jewelry with water.

2. Next, soak the items for a couple of minutes in ammonia or Windex. Clean them by patting gently with a clean towel while applying very light pressure, as if you were cleaning your glasses. Do not scrub the jewelry as hard rubbing may damage its oxide layer, which gives the piece its color.

3. Rinse the jewelry with water, and pat the items dry with a clean, soft towel. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow your pieces dry. Do not leave titanium to air dry if you don’t want your jewelry to look spotted afterwards.

If you notice any discoloration in your anodized titanium jewelry, you can have it anodized again: Jewelers who work with titanium often offer such a service for a fee.

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